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other pages: . . . . . . . | collection 'short' help |
There are pages in the world, which don't belong to KGS, but which describe KGS, the client and it's using in non-english languages:
|    KGS-FAQ (Simplif.Chinese) |    KGS-help (Hebrew) |    KGS-info (Hungarian) |    KGS-help (Japanese) |
|    KGS-FAQ (Turkish) |    escaping (Turkish) |

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page hardcoded? cz de en es fr hu jp pl ru tr vi zh
/help/toc.html autom.built in de en fr de jp pl de tr vi
/help/index.html linked from (cs) de en es fr de jp (pl) de (tr) vi zh
/help/app/main.html 6 buttons de en fr jp pl de tr zh
/help/main.html rooms window (+ anchor 'chatRoom') de en fr de jp pl de tr
/help/gameWin.html game / edit (online) de en fr jp de tr
/help/newGameWin.html new game de en fr de jp de tr
/help/app/editor.html CGoban and the clients editor de en jp de tr
/help/app/gameInfoWin.html game info when editing de en ru
/help/setPrefsWin.html set preferences de en fr jp de tr
/help/serverStatsWin.html server statistics de en es fr jp de tr
/help/help.html HEEELP ! ! ... 'hardcoded', where? (de) (en) (ru) (en)
/help/playback.html This page (hardcoded!) is called from the
audio lecture window (link in the client has been repaired!)
/help/achievement.html f u n ? en
/help/admin.html de en fr de tr zh
/help/ask_game.html en jp de tr
/help/automatch.html de en fr jp ru
/help/chat.html de
= create account, register



pl ru
/help/disputing.html (de page = + engl. text) de
/help/editable.html (same text in English) de tr
/help/gametypes.html de en fr de jp de tr
/help/gmt.html Greenwich MeanTime ru
/help/handicap.html fr ru
/help/howPlay.html how is Go played de
/help/howPlayOnline.html on go servers in common de
/help/installjava.html (~FAQ, troubleshoot) vi
/help/KGSinLinux.html in Linux/Unix (~FAQ, troubleshoot) vi
/help/languages.html languages in the rooms fr ru
/help/lettres.html letters in the games list fr
/help/Logo_icones.html (~FAQ) de en fr de
/help/Menus.html fr
/help/automatch_menu.html fr
/help/file_menu.html fr
/help/help_menu.html fr
/help/kgsplus_menu.html fr
/help/rooms_menu.html fr
/help/user_menu.html fr
/help/mini_QandR.html = mini-FAQ, mini-QandA fr
/help/netiquette.html en fr de
/help/NewRooms.html create and maintain a chatroom
see also /help/faq/chatroomHowTo.html
(de) en
/help/new_simple.html fr
/help/onecolorgo.html en
/help/playing.html de en fr jp de tr
/help/premierpas.html = first time de fr
/help/privacy.html de
/help/rank.html de en fr jp de tr
/help/regional.html collection of regional or
language specific rooms
de ru
/help/review.html en
/help/rmath.html de en fr jp de tr
/help/rulesets.html (ruelsets?) de en fr jp de tr
/help/signes_droite.html = signs-on-the-right ('?' beside the rank, ~FAQ) fr de
/help/teaching.html de page = engl.text de ru tr
/help/tilde.html de en fr de
/help/timesystems.html de en fr jp ru tr
/help/userinfo.html de
/help/watching.html de en de
/help/whyKGS.html some incense de
create and maintain a chatroom de




/help/faq/escapers.html de en es fr jp de tr
see also /help/faq/tournament.html
planning an event broadcast
(see also in the german tournament-faq de
and glue's "Scribe How To" fr)
en ru
/help/faq/fonts.html the fonts help, in english de ru
/help/faq/index.html extensive FAQ, translated to English de en es fr de ja ru tr
/help/faq/sgf.html de
/help/faq/shortcuts.html CGoban shortcuts, translated to English de de
/help/faq/tournament.html play, organise, broadcast
(part translated from glue's page, French)

/help/faq/troubleshooting.html techn.problems de en es ja ru tr
regional or language specific pages
collection of regional or
language specific rooms
Vietnam Café vi
Русская комната ru
Украинская комната ru
Белорусская комната ru
Русский Го Клуб ru
Sente ru
Shinigami Lessons Room ru
cooperation cooperation KGS - local organisation fr
temporary pages for
e.g. tournaments
/help/sukbchoi.html with your language setting and
sukbchoi, the most up to date page (en_US)
Editor's Resources
/help/helpEditors.html 'we need translators' de en fr pl ru tr
/help/helpDiscussion.html de page = editor's FAQ (engl.) de en tr
/help/allPages.html (this page) overview: all pages, all languages de (tr)
/help/statistics.html help pages calls statistic (hit counts) de
shortHelp: 'small' collection of content
for the 'hardcoded' pages
(all versions = engl.content!) and FAQ



Sandbox for 'playing' with formatting
de page = formatting tricks (engl.)



/help/sanctions.html (not yet)
/help/typingvn.html (not yet) Typing non-english characters
(~FAQ, troubleshoot)

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