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Edytowanie stron pomocy KGS

Jak zostać autorem

Potrzebujemy więcej autorów. Jeśli dobrze znasz KGS i wiesz jak pisać w HTML, jesteś właściwą osobą! Wyślij e-mail pod adres z żądaniem uprawnień do edycji: podaj koniecznie swój nick z KGS oraz język w którym chcesz pracować. Uwaga: tylko osoby potrafiące poprawnie pisać w danym języku będą akceptowane jako autorzy.

Jak edytować

Unlike most wikis, the KGS help pages uses raw XHTML to edit. So if you are used to the [i]...[/i], etc., tags of other wikis, this will be a bit different. If you have edited HTML or XHTML in the past, it will be easy!

Co to jest XHTML

If you have used HTML only, then you will notice some changes. KGS uses XHTML, which has these as the main differences from HTML:

  1. Tags which affect text need closing tags. So, for example, when you use a <p> tag, you must have a </p> tag at the end of the paragraph.
  2. Tags that don't have closes need to have a "/" at the end of them. For example, instead of <br> or <hr>, you need to use <br/> and <hr/>.

In addition, KGS uses XHTML/strict. This means that many attributes that affect the "look" of the text aren't available. CSS styles need to be used instead. (Reference on CSS styles needed here.)

When you edit, you don't have to type the whole page. Everything up to and including the <body> tag is done for you, so you just need to type in what goes between the two body tags.

Edycja strony

When you visit any KGS help page, if you have editing control, there will be a "edit this page" link at the bottom. Just click it, and you can edit!

After you make your changes, press the "update help page" link at the bottom. If you made any XHTML mistakes, they will be listed. Note that some things aren't allowed; anything with a script, or that can be used to hide a script, is not allowed. This is to prevent editors from adding password-stealing scripts, etc., to the pages. Stay with just text and you'll be fine.

Tworzenie nowych stron

If you want to add a new page, just add a link to it from a current page. All links to other help pages must be in the format <a href="/help/newPage.html">. Don't forget the /help/! Once the link is made, just follow the link, and there will be your blank page, ready to edit.

Edycja spisu treści

To add things to the table of contents box (that appears to the side of the page you type), click the link to edit any page, then click the "List all Help Pages" link at the top. You'll see a page named "toc.html". This is the table of contents. Edit it like any page, but instead of typing XHTML to go inside a body tag, this text will go inside a div tag on every page.

Rzeczy wymagające usprawnienia

This system is brand new right now. There are two big things that need to be fixed (and a bunch of smaller issues too, but I won't mention them all).

Dodawanie obrazków

Right now, there is no way to upload an image to use in a help page. It will come in a future release. If you want to use an image, you have to put it on your own server, then add a link to it. When uploading images in turned on, then you'll be able to upload it.


Right now the system has no "collision detection." That is, if two people edit the same page and the same time, whoever updates first will have all their changes replaced by the person who updates second. If this happens, you can see your old changes by clicking on an older version of the page on the editing system; please try to merge your changes in. In a future release I'll add code to detect when this is happening and warn you before you start editing.

Edit this page (requires admin or translator privilege)