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Short Help Texts

This 'shortHelp' page contains text and code for the 'hardcoded' pages. These pages are seen first, when a user clicks on one of the help buttons of the client or on the 'help' link of the KGS mainpage. Therefore these are the most important pages for translation, specially: index, gameWin, main, newGameWin, app/editor, toc.

The whole text is around 1856 words (counted with ms-word). I hope, translation is not too difficult and time consuming.

Fastest way: copy and paste the whole source (as it stands and with the english text) to the edit windows of those pages, give title as suggested in the chapters part:
<!−− Page title: KGS - ... ... −>,
and in 'Description of this edit:' create page
Translation may follow later.

Not on this page: a collection of the FAQ content, the teaching page, shortcuts (there are many)

file name:              linked from or used for:
/help/toc.html               - table of contents, the block on top right of every
                                 normal help page (becomes automatically built in
                                 in the other pages)
/help/index.html             - mainpage
/help/app/main.html          - offline start window (that with the 6 buttons)
/help/setPrefsWin.html       - main settings for online and offline
/help/main.html              - online main window (tabs for rooms, personal chats,...)
/help/newGameWin.html        - online, set up new game (and wait for opponent)
/help/serverStatsWin.html    - the small window with the server statistics
/help/gameWin.html           - online from game window, editor window (!), teach 
                                                        window etc.
/help/app/editor.html        - offline editor CGoban
/help/app/gameInfoWin.html   - offline, from editors game info window

Missing here is the page playback.html, which is (since client version 3.3.23) called from the KGS-Plus playback window. I wrote playback.html (a german page). Here the link to    a rough Google translation of playback to english. A supplement to this page can be assumed.

The page /help/help.html is listed as 'hardcoded', but up to now nobody could say, from where it is linked, so I didn't make text for it. Rue

You can use the source of this page as templates.

Links in the source point to possibly still not existing pages of your language.


     a note about /help/playback.html (since version 3.3.23)

     intro: + a note about playback.xhtml/playback.html

     intro: changed link to english shortcuts page
     /help/main: help button is at the right bottom of the window
                      register, problems + link to (engl.) /help/faq_en.html
                        on german pages
     /help/newGameWin: automatch, escape/autoresign only rated games
     /help/app/editor: move tool: the actual colour of the next stone can
                         be seen on the tools button
                       edit the game info: also online
     /help/newgameWin: automatch, shortened and changed text for 'Estimated rank'
     /gameWin: save game: also players, while game not finished
               save game and SE, browser applet: link to /help/faq_en
     ... and a lot of pipifax

     /help/app/main: list for options
                     link to /graphPage.jsp
     /help/setPrefsWin: list for settings
     /help/main: list for benefits of registering
     /help/newGameWin: lists for gametypes + timesystems + rulesets + in automatch
                       rules, Japanese: (territory and prisoners count)
     /help/gameWin: list for optionsmenu
     /help/app/editor: lists for Ways to edit + tools + options + (SGF) result formats

     /help/app/main: changed text for login window, link to /help/main..#register
     /help/newGameWin: boardsize separated from timesystems
     /help/index +
     /help/toc: link to /help/faq_en of german pages
     /help/main: (..register) + a bit text

     /help/app/main: 08.11. button at the top left  - is top #right#!

     /help/index: took changes from /help/index.html?helpLocale=en_US (emphasis, list code)
     /help/index: link /help/app/editor.html#sgf changed to #SGF
     /help/app/main: link /help/app/editor.html#sgf changed to #SGF

     /help/gameInfoWin: Page title: KGS - Game Information Window : minus
      'offline'; changed intro; 
     /help/main: Register: minus 'have a friends 
      list', plus 'see at once, when friends are logged in'; 
      Rules: New Zealand: ... , but two or more' ... [AND] Time System: 
      Byo-Yomi: ... means [+ after basic time ran out +] fixed extra time ... 
      [AND] Automatch: In the 'Play Go'-menu [+ of the main window (rooms) +]
      you ... ; 
     /help/gameWin: score estimator ... [+ (not with browser applet) +]; 
     /help/app/editor: Ways to..: * Offline create or edit an sgf-file [+link]
      [AND] * Upload an sgf-file [+link]

     /help/main: + anchor for #chatRoom (hardcoded in rooms window)

     /help/gameInfoWin: changed header + text (it is now also online available)

     creation and many small corrections

This part for: /help/toc.html

KGS Mainpage

Overview KGS

Start window
Rooms Window
Game window
New game setup
Editor (online and offline)

FAQ . . . extensive FAQ

Please help translating
Edit tricks
Recent changes

This part for: /help/index.html

KGS - Help overview

The KGS Go-server (formerly Igoweb and Kiseido Go-server) exists since April 2000 and has become a lively meeting place for Go players from all around the world.

With KGS you can:

Besides playing online, the offline version of the client program, CGoban (download), allowes you to create and edit game record files (sgf-format).

This part for: /help/app/main.html

Start Window (6 Buttons)


Login Window

If you haven't yet registered a name (huh! forgot password?), you chose your name for a guest log in, ignore the "password" field, and click "Guest".
Rules for the name are: 10 characters maximum, a..z, A..Z, 0..9, no spaces, ! - . % & etc., first character must be a letter.

Sometimes the client loses the connection to the server, but doesn't take notice of this and seems to hang.
Click 'Quit' and restart the program. If your game has been aborted, click the 'Resume' button at the top right of a room tab in the rooms window.

This part for: /help/setPrefsWin.html

Set Preferences

The preferences mainly concern the KGS-client.

Some settings cannot be done with the browser applet.

This part for: /help/main.html

The main window of the client

The KGS main window is the first thing you see after logging in. It has chat rooms, game lists, and options, that let you set up games.


If you are new to KGS, you will be logged in as a guest. You may play as much as you want - no restrictions.

But as registered user you can

Registering is easy: go to the user menu, chose 'Register', enter a valid email address (don't use msn/hotmail: problems). We will send you a temporary password, which you must use within 24 hours.
In case of problems please look on the english troubleshoot page or look into this faq (in english)

Add a chatroom to your rooms window:

menu 'Rooms', -> 'Roomlist'; doubleclick on a room of your choice (the 'English Game Room' is probably most interesting).

The tabs 'Open Games' and 'Ongoing Games' collect game requests and ongoing games from all chatrooms of KGS.

The games list of a chatroom and the list of the tab ongoing games lets you join a game to watch by simply clicking on the game.

Set up a Game

To set up a game, click the 'manually chose opponent'-button or 'automatch' from the 'Play Go' menu.
Also you can answer to a game request of another player. In the games list of a chat room the requests are displayed with bold letters. If there are none because of wrong daytime, select the tab 'Open Games' (tab closed? -> menu 'Rooms', check 'Open Games').

Chat, Send Message

Besides in the room chat in every chatroom you can talk to a special person:
Click on a name to the right to chat with this person.
Send a message to a person who is not online: menu 'User' -> 'Leave Message'.

View players info or add a player to your friends list (see the friends list in the user menu) with a right click.

In all text fields of the KGS client and CGoban (editor) the shortcuts ctrl-c (copy) and ctrl-v (paste) can be used to copy marked text to the clipboard and paste it whereever.

This part for: /help/newGameWin.html

Set up a Game
(Possible settings for a manually set up game)

To start a game, you you should first set your preferences (reduced settings for the automatch feature).

The white line at the top for remarks: extra information for interested players

Game type:

demo and teach are editable game types (editor)

Private: you decide, who can join the game, not for rated games.
Main list: players from all chatrooms can join your game
Before accepting another players game setup, you can chat with him to make things clear.

Time System:

Board size:

9, 13, 19 is normal (beginners take 9x9), for other sizes: type in!


Handicap: up to 6 stones for a rated game. When you are the weaker player, make sure, that you take the black stones!
Komi: black has the advantage to begin. To compensate, white is given some points.

Before you accept a game challenge, you can chat with the challenger and make some settings: handicap, komi, who plays white/black or to draw lots for black/white ('nigiri').


In the 'Play Go'-menu of the main window (rooms) you can switch the automatch feature on. Now the server will find an opponent for you. Before you switch automatch on, you can change the settings for automatch: 'bot' means a computerprogram, which is connected to KGS by an interface. Rated means, that the result has influence on your rating (not possible, when you are guest or hide your rank).
Estimated rank: if you don't know, chose 25k (=kyu).
30 kyu is a real beginner, 1 kyu is very strong - stronger ('dan') is set by the server, if you can prove that with game results).

Time allotment:

(overtime: allways japanese 'byoyomi', move before seconds run out and you don't lose on time)

Boardsize: 19x19 only possible
Rules: always Japanese

As soon as a rated automatch game begins, you cannot abort it: this will be seen as escaped and you lose, even if no stone has been placed yet.

This part for: /help/serverStatsWin.html

Server Status and Statistics

The KGS Server Stats window provides information mainly for the admins and the programmer of the KGS server and client. A 'ping' (->    wikipedia) is built in. It shows the response time between server and client.

This part for: /help/gameWin.html

The Game window

(Extra page for tools and options while editing a game!)

Besides making moves, passing, resigning and making comments,
all users can [ctrl]-[click] on a board position to send the coordinates to the chat line.
Players cannot see observers' comments before the game ends (teaching and demo game: all comments visible).
Players can review the game after it has ended.
Observers and players can save the game to their local HD (not with the browser applet!), observers can open a copy ('clone') of the game to try variations. Later moves become added to the clone window.

The content of the options menu:

This part for: /help/app/editor.html

Editor: Tools and Options

Ways to edit a game record:

Available tools are:

Options are:

Teaching issues are described in detail .

As example the typical view of a game file in sgf-format, seen in a text editor:
TM[10800]OT[10x120 byo-yomi]PW[Old Master]PB[Grand Master]WR[6d]BR[5d]
DT[1963-04-03]GC[exceptionel!]EV[Garden Games]RE[W+1.00];B[od];W[qp];

Remark for loading a game file: if the game result has been written with another program, CGoban will display an error message, when the result doesn't have a fixed format.
Shown by a text editor (sgf is a text-only format):

Extensive info about the sgf file format can be found at (engl.text)

This part for: /help/app/gameInfoWin.html

Game Information Window

While editing, you can change nearly all main info of a loaded game

Edit this page (requires admin or translator privilege)