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"New Game" Window

New Game window screen shot

This window invites you to Select the Game Setup that you desire.

Notes Area
Enter the text you want displayed in your game announcement. After you click on the OK button, your game is announced in the open games section of the current room window. "Game for a nice player" is displayed in the above screen shot.

Game Type Popup List   ("Free" is displayed in the screen-shot.)
Select the type of game you wish to make (rated, free, demonstration, etc.)

"Private?" Check Box
Make your game private so that only you, your opponent and any invited users are allowed to view the game.

"Open List?" Check Box
Display your game request in the Open Games tab.

The Players List
Choose the color you want to play with. Your challenger can propose the color they want to play with. If the game is started with "?" marks in the area for the color selection, the system will automatically nigiri the colors for the players. You can use this area to select who you want to play against (if there are multiple challengers). If the game type is "simul," this section has multiple entries, one for each challenger, and you select who gets to play in the simul game.

The Nigiri Button
Pressing the Nigiri Button (the stones beside the player's names) cycles through the possible combinations of colors each player can have. You can  1) set yourself to be Black,  2) set your opponent to be Black,  or  3) nigiri for colors. If you opt for nigiri, the system randomly selects the colors for you. Nigiri is the default.

Rule Set
Select the rule for the game from one of the following options. Either player can adjust the "Board Size" (2-38), "Handicap" or the "Komi".

Time System
Select the time settings from one of the following options.
Chat Display Box
This area is visible to any observer or player that is viewing the current "New Game" window. The chat here is not seen in any chat room.

Chat Line
Type here to chat.

Four Buttons
The following four buttons are at the bottom of the new-game window.



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