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Newbie FAQ

Table of Contents
Three Things Every KGS User Should Know   |   Two Definitions   |   How To . . .   |   General Questions   |   More Questions?
Glossary   |   Acronyms and Abbreviations   |   References
Main Rooms Policy   |   Game Chat Policy
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Topics of General Interest.
Admins | Bots | Escaper FAQ | Etiquette | Icons (in front of user names) | Private Messaging (PM) | Rank Graphs | Sandbaggers | Tilde | Trolls

See "Introduction to KGS" for background information.

Three Things Every KGS User Should Know

Two Definitions  (There are more in the glossary.)

How To . . .

General Questions

More Questions?


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Often found in chat lines
ddk idk lol np nvm sdk ty tx PM
double digit kyu I don't know laughing out loud no problem never mind single digit kyu thank you thanks Private Message

Often found in game chat lines
hf gg gl brb gtg afk b cya slt
have fun good game good luck be right back got to go away from the keyboard  bye  see ya salut, to your health

The four corners of a goban
lower left lower right upper left upper right

Four Rooms
robot English Chat Room English Game Room KGS Teaching Ladder
social –> Computer Go social –> English Chat Room main –> English Game Room lessons –> KGS Teaching Ladder


Main Rooms Policy

Game Chat Policy

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