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Game Playing Etiquette

Table of Contents: Start of Game | During a Game | Undo Requests | Interrupted Games | Suspended Games | End of Game | Footnotes | Glossary | Related Links

Background for this page is found on the Playing Games page.

Start of Game.

During a Game

Undo Requests

Interrupted Games

Suspended Games

End of Game4


1 Playing the first move in the upper right corner

2 Moves during the yose are worth a small number of points, but they are still worth something. The end of game begins when the yose is over.

3 An invitation to resume a suspended game is issued when you click on the "Resume" button and select the desired game.

4 See the "Ending The Game" section of Playing Games.

5 With AGA rules, if a player does not fill in all the dame that they can before they pass, they lose points, unless the other player also passes.


The use of abbreviations is not viewed as impolite on KGS. It is just a matter of style. A few common ones are included in this glossary.

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