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Resources for Help Editors

Table of Contents:  Sandboxes | Archives | Reference Pages | Utility Pages | Guidelines | Footnotes | Bottom

This page provides hot links useful to help page editors.


sandbox   |   sandbox2   |   sandbox3   |   sandbox4   |   sandbox5   |   sandbox6   |   sandbox7   |   sandbox8   |   sandbox9   |   sandboxA   |   sandboxB   |   sandboxC   |   sandboxD   |   sandboxE   |   sandboxF   |   sandboxG   |   sandboxH   |   sandboxI   |   sandboxJ   |   sandboxK   |   sandboxL   |   sandboxM   |   sandboxN   |   sandboxO   |   sandboxP   |  


These pages are designed to be used as archives, not backups. Each help page has its own backup log.2

Reference Pages

Utility Pages



1  Sandboxes

The sandboxes are convenient places for ...

  1. First Drafts
  2. Major Updates
  3. Code Testing

Please clean the sandbox when you are through. If none of the sandboxes are available when you need one, either create a new one and add it to the list or grab one that hasn't been used in a while. The previous user can always recover their work from the backup system.

Sandboxes are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, ...

2  Help Page Backup Log

A back-up is made every time the "Update Help Page" button is clicked. The backups are recovered by clicking on the "Revision" number in the "Page History".

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