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Future Editing Plans

A "To Do" list for the English help pages

Table of Contents 

This Page |  Other Pages:   ... Ready To Edit    ... To Be Reviewed    ... To Get Images    ... To Be Created
Global Change Notes   |  Ideas:   ... Help Buttons  ... Miscellaneous
Other Work  |  Glossary  |  Related Links

0) Introduction

These plans are for the English help pages. The plans in the form of change notes are ready to implement. Some of the change notes are signed and dated.

1) This Page

The change notes for this page are in the usual place, that is, at the bottom of the page.

2) Other Pages

2) A) Ready To Edit

The change notes are either in the list below or they are at the bottom of the referenced page, or both. The Hot Link pages that need editing are listed first, followed by Help Editor Resource pages, followed by other pages.

2) B) To Be Reviewed

These pages have not been reviewed since 2009. In particular, they have not been reviewed in the context of the Help Page Guidelines. dj 11/2010.

2) C) To Get Images

2) D) To Be Created

Since the first three pages in the following list need screen images with Help buttons, it makes sense for the Help buttons in the KGS windows before the pages are created.

3) Global Change Notes

3) A) Fun Stuff

This section (Section 3A) is intended to be permanent. Subsequent sections are intended to be deleted when the change notes are complete.

Information of a permanent nature may be moved to the Guidelines after the change has been implemented. Templates may be saved in in the Templates page.

(Copy guideline links from the "Help Editor's Resources" into the related links section of each guideline help page. Be sure to include the templates page. Insert the up-one-level and the top-of-page links for the guideline pages when this change note is implemented. dj, 12/2010)

(Try different browsers. dj, 12/2010)

4) Ideas

The things in this section are either 1) not-as-concrete or 2) not-as-ready-to-be-implemented  as the things in the preceding sections, Sections 1, 2 and 3.

4) A) Help Buttons 

Make a screen-shot help page for every KGS window that needs a Help button.

See Section 2E, "To Be Created", for more information.

4) B) Miscellaneous Ideas

5) Other Edits

This is a place for things that do not fit in the previous sections.


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