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Sandbox Seven

Automatic Site-Map Construction Software

This is a functional specification for ASMC software.

Overview: ASMC software can automatically generate a site-map from the Up One Level links. There are a few auxiliary data structures involved, and they would occasionally have to be modified. Automatic generation can help debug the Up One Link structures. Nevertheless, inserting Up One Level links for new pages and then manually updating the site map is simple and has to be done rather infrequently. There are three problems with ASMC. First, more sub-pages than currently exist need to be defined. Second, some existing Up Level Links need to be re-pointed. Third, the ASMCS needs to be written, or, at least, existing ASMC software needs to be modified to fit into the KGS help-editor tools. Automatic generation would be nice to have, but, is it worth the effort required to implement it?

Idea:   The site map structure is defined by the existence of Up One Level links in pages that are to be included in the site map. Pages linked to by the Up One Level links are also included. The title of the XTML code provides the names of the nodes in the site map. These are the same titles that appear in browser tabs (at least in the Firefox browser). There is a PrimaryRootAddresses help-file that lists the addresses of the help-pages that are roots of the disjoint trees in the site-map structure. To add a help-page to the site-map, all the help-page editor has to do is add an Up One Level link in that page. If the Up One Level target page is not already in the site-map, it will be added to the site-map, its address will be added to the PRA, and its name will be added to the DisplayedRootNames help-file. The DRN controls the format of the site map display. The DRN lists the names of the nodes that appear in the top level of the site map dispay and specifies the order in which they appear. The names of the pages in the PRA are included in the DRN. There is a separate help-file that specifies the names and the addresses of the *.jsp files that are to be included in the site map and how they are to be linked in. In other words, the *jsp files are manually linked into the site map, for all intents and purposes.

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