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Table of Contents 
Major Update  -  Source Page | Major Update  -  Sandbox | Table of Contents - First Style | Table of Contents - Second Style
A Blank Half-Line | Three Bullets | Raised Bullet / Raised Dot | Change Notes | Page Deletion Request | Deprecated Pages | Under Construction | Related Links
Templates for the Bottom of a Help Page
(Related Links |  Up One Level link  |  Site Map link |  Top of Page link  |  Horizontal Line for Change Notes)

Templates for the Top of a Help Page

>   Major Update - Source Page

Insert this template directly after the title/subtitle of your help page. Change both the "4" in "sandbox4" and the "Four" in "Sandbox Four" to the desired sandbox number. If desired, change "major" to minor. Then follow the instructions in the next section to insert a similar heading in the sandbox.

A major update is being prepared (in Sandbox Four).
Edits made at this time will be wiped out when the update is complete.

A "first draft" is a special kind of "major update".

The first draft is being prepared (in Sandbox Four).

>   Major Update - Sandbox (also useful for first draft of new help pages)

Copy the code from your help page into the desired sandbox. Insert This template directly after the title/subtitle. Change the the file name "YourHelpPage.html" in the URL to the name of your help page. Verify that you now have a bidirectional link between your help page and your sandbox.

This page is under construction.
When finished, this code will go here.

>   Table of Contents - First Style

Table of Contents

| ...  |

>   Table of Contents - Second Style

Table of Contents

Section One   - - - - - Title One
SubSection One.One Title One.One
Section Two   - - - - Title Two

Templates displayed on the top side of this page  • • •  as opposed to those in the code underneath this page.
No need to use "edit this page" to pick up these templates!

See  HTML Cheat Sheet  and  CSS Cheat Sheet  for more top-side templates.

> A Blank Half-Line

A Blank Half-Line
<p style="margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; line-height:.5"><br/></p>

> Three Bullets

 • • • 


> Raised Bullet / Raised Dot

a        • • •        close       near       far  


>   Change Note

(text. user-name, date)

<p><em>(text. user-name, date)</em></p>

>   Deprecated Pages

This page is deprecated. It is replaced by NewPageName. Please update your link.

<p><br/><br/>This page is deprecated. It is replaced by <a href="NewPageURL">NewPageName</a>. Please update your link.<br/><br/></p>

>   Page Deletion Request

Please delete this page.

<h1><br/><span style="color: red;">Please delete this page.</span><br/><br/></h1>

>   Under Construction

This page is under construction.
<div style="text-align:center;"><strong style="color: red; font-size: x-large;">This page is under construction.</strong></div>

Related Links

>   Templates for the Bottom of a Help Page

>   Bottom of Page Templates on the top-side of this page

     Related Links template.

Related Links  

<h4><a name="relatedlinks">Related Links</a></h4>

<li><a href=""></a></li>

     Up One Level   link target-identifier arrow template


&nbsp; &nbsp;&mdash;>&nbsp; &nbsp;

     Site Map   link target-identifier arrow template


&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&mdash;>&nbsp; &nbsp;

     Horizontal Line For Change Notes template.

Change note horizontal line

>   Bottom of Page Templates underneath this page

     (Related Links, Up One Level link,  Site Map link,  Top of Page link,  and  horizontal line for change notes)

Related Links

          Up One Level    —>    Resources for Help Editors
              Site Map        —>    Top of Site Map

(Bring the templates in the code underneath this page to the top of the page as they mature. The Blank Half-Line section is a good example of a top-side template. dj, 3/2011)

Edit this page (requires admin or translator privilege)