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Page Formatting Guidelines

Table of Contents

Top of Page   |  ... titles | ... subtitles | ... under construction | ... major update | ... table of contents

Middle of Page   |  ... section titles |  ... subsections | ... links | ... rule of seven | ... tips and tricks

Bottom of Page   |  ... footnotes | ... glossary | ... references | ... related links | ... endnotes | ... top of page

Change Note Guidelines  |  Rule of Seven  |  End of the Page Formatting Guidelines

Footnotes  |  Glossary  |  Related Links

Guidelines are suggestions. They are not rules.1

Top of Page

Middle of Page

Bottom of Page

Change Notes

Change notes often appear at the very bottom of the page. Minor change notes (such as "link needed") appear where the change needs to be made.

Rule of Seven

end of the page formatting guidelines


1    Page formatting guidelines give the help pages a uniform look and feel, making the pages easier to understand.

The listed page elements are all optional except for the title. The order in which they occur is also important. For example, putting a Major Update warning before the Table of Contents makes it easier to release intermediate drafts. Just copy the text in the sandbox from the TOC on down, and the Major Update warning in the source file is left unchanged.

2    The title is an essential part of each help page. As a user navigates through the help pages, it is easy to become confused as to where they are. This is especially true for newbies. After all, a newbie is not familiar with the hierarchical structure of the KGS help page network. Having a title at the top of the page lets the user know where they are in the help page hierarchy.

It is also important to use the same format (i.d., h1 tags) for the title if possible. This keeps the title from "jumping around" as much when the user is quickly navigating through the pages. For example, a user (especially a newbie) might be clicking on the links in the Hot Links box one after the other just to get a feel for what the references pages look like.


Related Links


(This is an example of a typical change note. dj 9/2010)

(needs a Linkback section. See Global Changes section of Future Editing Plans. dj, 11/2010)

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