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User Information Window

The User Info window is made up from 4 different tabs.

Personal Info Screen
  1. User Data - this contains the notes the User made about themselves. In your own User Data screen you can set your password. You can also see details about your user level (Guest, Registered User, Admin etc.), your KGS Plus Membership status, and your email address.
  2. Games - This contains a list of all the games played in the past 6 months; you can filter the games by Ranked or All. Right click on the games to load them in a room. Click on bold games to join them.
  3. Tagged Games
  4. Rank - This contains a picture of the rank graph

You can access any user's information window as follows.

          Up One Level    —>    Main KGS Window  –>  User Menu
              Site Map        —>    Main KGS Window  –>  User Menu

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