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KGS Event Calendar

This page has been superseded. The information is now recorded at

This page lists future events which have been approved to be evented and announced. It replaces

If you contact the KGS management in advance, it is possible to have tournament games evented on the server. An evented game is displayed at the top of the active games tab, and above all other games in the room. Information about the broadcast can also be added to the Message of the Day. This page lists upcoming events and provides a record of past events.

Date(s) (all GMT)EventURLRoomScribe(s)
round 1 2012-03-05 23:00 approx.
13x13 Bot tournament
? Played live on KGS, so no scribe.
2012-03-06 18:00 approx.
13x13 bot exhibition game (games?) Human player may use his account 'motoki' or 'steles'.

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