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Tools for Demos, Teaching, and Review

KGS has several tools that can be quite helpful during demos or reviews.

Teaching Tools Menu

To display options/ instructions for some tool, hover the cursor over the tool.

To use a tool, click a tool to select it, then click on the board to:

  1. Play moves normally (b + w)
  2. Add or remove stones. (Click = add b stones only ; Shift+click = add w stones only)
  3. Score game after clicking to remove dead stones
  4. Mark stones or spaces with triangles
  5. Mark stones or spaces with squares
  6. Mark stones or spaces with circles
  7. Mark stones or spaces with letters A,B,C etc.
  8. Number spaces or stones, manually
  9. Number stones automatically (kifu)
  10. Edit game tree to label variations
  11. Take control of the display, after giving display control to someone else to show variations or positions (right-click their name, to give control)
  12. Give control to the person named
  13. Set names of b and w players ; (can be used to reverse colors, or to have one or two players continue from some position)
  14. Set "moderated chat" on/off ; [Normal accounts: only comments by the teacher and the student will appear (no comments by observers). For teaching accounts only: the teacher also can select observers' comments to show to all viewers.]

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