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Teaching Account

What is a “teaching account”?

The account profile of some users has been marked to show that someone is a "teacher". Status as a “teacher” does not imply endorsement by KGS of someone’s playing strength or teaching ability. Some teachers teach for free, others are available for paid lessons.

Teachers have one-way audio privileges. (I.e. a teacher can use a microphone to talk to observers, but the observers must type any comments or questions.) Teachers also can use moderated chat in a demonstration, teaching game, or review, to selectively filter and show observer comments. (Other users can use moderated chat, but cannot selectively filter comments.)

How do I become an authorized “teacher”?

In general, the first requirement to getting a “teaching account” is to have a suitable history of providing teaching games, so that the admins can review your games and determine if you'll be a suitable teacher. As well, a teacher must purchase, and maintain, a subscription to KGS Plus . The audio feature of a “teaching account” consumes extra bandwidth, whose costs are paid for by the KGS Plus subscription.

To get a teaching account, write by email to the admin mailbox: Ask for a “teaching account”, identify your KGS username and confirm that the username has a current subscription to KGS Plus.

How long does it take to become an authorized “teacher”?

Requests for teaching accounts are reviewed by the Manager of KGS, in consultation with the KGS admins. The Manager is the only person who can modify an account to reflect status as an authorized “teacher”. Therefore, sometimes there can be delays in reviewing the request, especially during Summer time or holidays. If you have not received any reply after two weeks, you may continue to wait or may write again to the admin mailbox.

What conduct is expected from an authorized “teacher”?

Traditionally, "teacher" (sensei in Japanese) is a term of respect in the Go world. Teachers on KGS are expected to act accordingly, and set examples of politeness and good behavior. They should be aware that their status is a privilege. Failure to observe the KGS Terms of Service (under any username) may result in revocation of “teacher” status.

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