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KGS Client for Androidâ„¢

Table of contents:  FAQ | Release Notes | Planned Features

This is a page about the KGS Client for Android phones: this client is not running on all smartphones, it is only for the phones using the Android system. There is no client planned for other phones (windows mobile, iphone, etc).

Screen Shot
Bar code with URL for android phones

Scan this image with an Android bar code scanner to take your phone straight to the Android Market page for KGS.

A KGS Client is available for Android phones! To download it, start the android marketplace on your phone and search for "KGS." The client costs $9.99 to install on your phone.

Please submit any bug reports to

Visit the KGS Client page in the Android Market Place.

Release Notes

v3.5.2 - Released on 2011-07-15

v3.5.0+3.5.1 - Released on 2011-05-21

v3.4.16 - Released on 2011-04-13

v3.4.15 - Released on 2011-04-12

v3.4.14 - Released on 2011-02-23

v3.4.13 - Released on 2010-10-03

v3.4.12 - Released 2010-09-29

v3.4.11 - Released 2010-06-07

v3.4.10 - Released 2010-05-03

v3.4.9 - Released 2010-04-18

v3.4.7 and v3.4.8 - Released 2010-04-04

v3.4.6 - Released 2010-03-30

v3.4.5 - Released 2010-03-01

v3.4.4 - Released 2010-02-26

v3.4.3 - Released 2010-02-24

v3.4.2 - Released 2010-02-04

Release 3.4.2 will erase all your stored preferences. Sorry about that; I'd been managing my preferences in a way that didn't quite fit with standard android, and figured out how to do it "right" but not how to transfer them to the new system. From here on out they should not change.

v3.4.1 - Released 2010-01-19

v3.4.0 - Released 2010-01-17

Planned Features and Fixes

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The tatami mat background is by Paul Kotta of Mellow Monk's green teas. Thanks Paul for letting me use the image!

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