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Hot Keys - Tricks with Keys
Shortcuts for CGoban and the KGS-Client
(   source: shortcuts for CGoban in Englisch)

Restrictions for the key-combies:

keys window function
ctrl-c/ctrl-x/ctrl-v all copy / cut / paste of text (Linux: Java 1.4 = o.k.)
ctrl-a (apple-a) all mark all text in the activated text area
shift-arrow- .. left
.. right ..up .. down
chat area
user info
mark text after activating the text area
all switch from one graphical element to the next/previous (to leave a text area: use ctrl-tab resp. shift-ctrl-tab)
With the tab key you cannot reach the tools menu. Instead, use the F10 key.
ctrl-n rooms start/stop Automatch
rooms switch from one tab to the next
ctrl-l (L) game/editor show/hide board coordinates (possibly you need to resize the window for the effect)
space after
clicking of a button

game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
repeat last action (so one stone forth or back in the game)
shift-click on
game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
replay game automatically (the ruler is for slower/faster)
ctrl-click onto a
board position
online only
send coordinates to the chatline
game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
show the previous / next stone
game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
teleports you to the beginning or the end of the game resp. (editor) the active branch of the 'game tree';
game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
teleports you to the previous / next comment, mark or branching in the 'game tree'
editor (contr.) change the active branch of the game tree (on a game tree branching)
For navigating in the game tree none of the arrow keys should be activated, as they tend to lose the focus (bug); instead activate the options button (close menu with the Esc-key)
shift-click onto a board position game (obs.)
editor (contr.)
teleports you to the moment of the game forth or back, when the stone on this position has been played (editor: only in the active branch of the 'game tree')
F1 editor (contr.) set sequentially stones
ctrl-shift-click editor (contr.) when sequentially stones are entered: changes the colour of the next stone to be set. What stone will appear on the board is shown by the tools field (useful e.g. after a problem has been set up)
F2 editor (contr.) set up a board position
F3 editor (contr.) count the game
F4 editor (contr.) add triangles
F5 editor (contr.) add squares
F6 editor (contr.) add circles
F7 editor (contr.) add label (optional characters or sequential letters)
F8 editor (contr.) add move numbers resp. sequential numbers
Bug: F6 and F8 only function mostly flawless, when the game tree area is arranged under the board. The window layout is switched with the small rhombus (a small rhombus) in the right bottom of the game tree area. When F6/F8 lose their function: simply click onto the help button and the function is back!
F9 (continue game mode after a discussion, as described in glue's FAQ): seemingly no function (Win, Lnx)
F10 editor open the tools menu
ctrl-t (take) editor (own.) take control
ctrl-g (give) editor give / give back control to the person, which had the control before: pupil: always the teacher; teacher: the pupil, who had the control before
ctrl-m editor (own.) 'quiet chat mode' on /off
ctrl-q rooms disconnect from the server
alt-tab /
all windows change from one window to the next (system shortcut, Win)
alt-F4 all windows closes the active window, so it's like clicking on [system button 'close window'] (system shortcut, Win). When this is accidentally the rooms window, the connection to the server is closed and all client windows are closed (not concerned are the windows of the offline editor)

To avoid problems, the parts of the editor window should be arranged like this:

advised layout of the editor window

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