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Account Creation

Your account can be a guest account or a permanent account.

How to create a new account

Log in, choose a name, and click the "Guest" button. You can play, but the server does not save anything about you, and forgets about you as soon as you disconnect. You create a permanent account by registering a guest account.

While you have a guest account you may find it difficult to get a game, because many people on KGS are reluctant to play with opponents who have not bothered to register an account. No harm in trying, though. Putting a "Please" in your game-offer notes helps.

Account naming conventions are described in the "CGoban Main Window" in the "To Connect To KGS for the First Time" section.

How to register

From the "User" menu, select the option "Register".

You will need to give a valid email address. When you register, your password will be emailed to you at this address. You may also supply:

Do not worry about these last four things, you will be able to change them all later.

Do not use a hotmail address for registering. Some users have reported that when they try to register using a hotmail address, they never receive the email with their password. We think that Hotmail mistakes the email with your password for spam, and never delivers it. Yahoo and Gmail address seem to work just fine.

After you receive the email with your temporary password, log on and change your password within 24 hours. If you wait longer than this, your temporary account may have been deleted. If this happens to you, please log in as a guest and try again.

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