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Missing stone placement sound.

The sound system used by recent versions of Java will not play the sound used when a stone is placed on the board. This page offers a solution.

There is an additional solution for users of Java 6. However, with Java 7, there have been substantial changes to security. Using older versions of Java may increase risks to your computer.

Before using this fix, please check your sound system.

This solution is provided by Nick23. It involves downloading a file, and placing it in your Java extensions folder. It is discussed in a thread in the Life in 19 x 19 forums. The most relevant post is #29.

To use this, download the file linked to in that message. Next, you will want to find the location of your Java Runtime Environment, known as a JRE. It may be in different locations, depending on your operating system, and the version of Java. Future editions of this page will have a list that will be added to as we get more information. Note, when doing this, you may find you have more than one version of Java on your machine. This will work only if you place a copy of the file with the version of Java used to run CGoban.

You may use the Java Control Panel to find the location of your Java folder.

Note: If you find you have more than one version of Java on your machine, you should consider removing older versions. Oracle recommends having only the latest version on your machine.

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