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Create a New Room

Anyone can make a temporary new room to study, play Go, or chat with his friends. These rooms vanish when there is no one in them. While you are logged on KGS, go to the top menu and click on "Rooms", then "Create new room". This will create a temporary room listed under the "New Rooms" category.

To make a room permanent, you will need to speak with, and get room-approval from, a Senior Admin (an admin with a gold star next to his name). Note that people are expected to have their account for at least 2-3 months before a room will be considered. Rooms can also be removed due to repeated inappropriate behaviour.

Please be prepared to answer each of the following:

  1. Name of room:
  2. Purpose:
  3. Description (appears on room list when people are considering whether to join a room):
  4. Owner:
  5. Length of time registered on KGS?:
  6. Other accounts?:
    1. Own any other room under any accounts?:
    2. Which rooms/ accounts?:
  7. How many now in group ready for the room?:
    [Reason for asking: if there are not enough “members” to sustain the room, then it will disappear for lack of use, in a few weeks. Usually a “lapsed” room will not be re-created]

You also will be asked to indicate that you are aware of the following:

  1. Know about restrictions on general announcements for the room to get members?
    [Rule limit is: 1 promotional announcement each 24 hours]
  2. Room owners are expected to observe the KGS Terms of Service.
    If an owner repeatedly violates the KGS Terms of Service, then the room may be removed.
  3. Be careful about whom you add as additional room owners; if they delete you from the room owner list and hijack the room, it’s your problem. If any of the owners repeatedly engage in inappropriate behaviour, the room can be deleted.

• A new room in the CLUB category should be for a real life club, recognized by a national Go association, with the room description linking to the official webpage of the club.

• A new room in the LESSON category may be approved for certified professionals and for strong amateurs (high-dans, proven in real life).

• A new room can be made private if it is appropriate, refer to Private Rooms.

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