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April KGS Plus Tournament, Division 2 (Winner: sss)

This division's rounds are in American Evenings, Asian daytimes. If that is not what you want, then please go back to the list of tournaments and look at division 1.

Welcome to the first official McMahon tournament on KGS Plus! There are several things done differently this time:

I hope that you enjoy it, we'll see how this tournament turns out!


McMahon (bars at 20k and 2d), Simultaneous Schedule.


  1. The highest-scoring KGS Plus player in each division will have a playoff; the winner of that playoff gets a free game against Feng Yun 9 dan pro, which she will review afterwards as a KGS Plus lesson.
  2. Anybody who wins all 4 rounds gets a 1 month free KGS Plus membership.
  3. Anybody who plays in all 4 rounds gets a 1 week free KGS Plus membership.

To be totally clear: Only players who were subscribed to KGS Plus before this tournament are eligible to win the top prize (the Feng Yun lesson). Anybody, whether KGS Plus or not, is eligible to win the free KGS Plus memberships. If you already have KGS Plus, the membership will be added to your current subscription; if you do not have a KGS Plus membership yet, then you will get the membership immediately after the tournament ends.