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KGS Meijin Qualifier October 2013 (Winner: MantisArms)

Welcome to the KGS Meijin 2013 October Qualifier!

Single Elimination, Simultaneous schedule, Ranked players only : The last qualifier for 2013. The time settings are 35 minutes Main time plus 5 Byo-yomi periods 30 seconds each. (35m + 30s x5), 1 round every 2 hours. Players must have a solid rank and have to be 1d or stronger.

Important: Conditions for tournament entry:


Sponsored by KGS.


Single Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


In this 10th qualifier, the winner will become a contender for the Finals which will start in November. The runner-up may also become a contender if there are 6 or more rounds in the Qualifier. The final KGS Meijin winner will receive a minimum cash prize of $500 and a special Meijin icon.

2013 KGS Meijin Contenders :