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If you are entered in a tournament, please make sure that you have read the KGS tournament guide.

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May KGS+ Tournament, American/European daytime Open division (Winner: supertjc)

9x9, no handicap, double elimination, which means that you are in until you lose twice! Fast rounds (5 minutes main time, 3 byo yomi periods of 10 seconds). Prizes given out every round, so even if you don't think you can win your division, you still have a chance at getting a prize! Four divisions, none of which will have handicaps.

30 non-KGS Plus members per division will be allowed to the open divisions, none to kyu ones. KGS Plus members are always welcome.

The kyu divisions are limited to KGS Plus members who are regular players on KGS: they must enter with their strongest account which must be 2k or weaker, they must have played rated games for at least 6 weeks, and they must have at least 30 rated games played before April 30th (for isntance: having played the 30 games in the last week won't be accepted). If your KGS Plus account is not your strongest account, please register to the "open" division. Also people who have been previsouly disqualified from a KGS tourney are not allowed to enter a kyu division, they can still enter an open division. People who do not fullfill those conditions but register to the kyu division anyway may be disqualified anytime (before the tournament starts, during a game, during a round, or even once 20 rounds are over). A disqualified player will have no prize and won't be allowed to enter upcoming tourneys.

IMPORTANT: you are allowed to attend only one division (out of the 4 ones).

Please respect your opponents, and don't ask a bye when there are less than 8 players around.


Sponsored by KGS, Kiseido, AyGoSchool AyGoSchool and the Korean-style insei league Korean-style league.


Double Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


  1. The winner of the American/European open division will get one free korean-style insei league place for a month.
  2. The winner of the Asian/European open division and the winner of the American/European kyu division will get a teaching game with a teacher from the AyGoSchool. People who have previously won the AyGoSchool teaching game twice are not eligible for the teaching game.
  3. The runner-up (player who loses the final game) of the open divisions and of the American/European kyu division will get a $18 gift certificate from Kiseido.
  4. All the above players will also get 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  5. The winner of the Asian/European kyu division will get a $18 gift certificate from Kiseido and 2 months of KGS+ membership.
  6. The runner-up (player who loses the final game) of the Asian/European kyu division will get 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  7. Each round but the finale one, 1 week of free KGS Plus will be awarded at random.