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April KGS Plus Tournament, Division 2 Players

1sss [1k]2377.577.5Winner
2schimo [1d]222043
3ZZero [1d]20022Quit before round 2
4reprisal [3k]1936.575.5
5JJHendry [3k]18.51355
6DrGoPlayer [5k]184972
7DMXdawg [3k]18037
8Shu04 [6k]161937
9rohff2813 [6k]15031
10Aus [10k]134058.5
11pepermite [9k]132348
12g0098 [10k]122447
13Alf68 [10k]122349
14ox1 [12k]1127.539.5
15edlee [10k]111247
16Stormer [11k]11819
17HueTri [11k]101111Quit before round 2
18Spectra [12k]9.5011
19Astone [13k]9816
20penguin [16k]812.512.5
21lcninja [14k]8920
22darki [14k]8716
23brx [14k]76.533.5
24blue88 [15k]6.52.512.5
25TonyAdria [20k]36.514.5
26Frango [19k]2.5014.5
27hphuang [20k]0016.5