KGS Go Tutorial: Introduction

Go Tutorial Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
  3. Chains
  4. Liberties
  5. Captures
  6. Capture Go
  7. More on Captures
  8. Eyes
  9. Living Groups
  10. Scoring
  11. Game End
  12. Ko
  13. Play Go!
  14. Last Notes

Go is different from many games in that the rules are quite simple, but actually applying these rules to play can be confusing, and playing well usually takes years to achieve! In this tutorial we will attempt to quickly and easily show how to play a game of go, so that you can then log on to the KGS Go Server and play against other beginners.

Each page of this tutorial will describe one concept from the game of go, and most pages will have either an interactive demonstration or a quiz at the bottom. Hopefully you will enjoy learning go and will continue to enjoy playing once you are done. Have fun!

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