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If you are entered in a tournament, please make sure that you have read the KGS tournament guide.

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First KGS Computer Go Tournament (Winner: GNU)

This is the first official KGS Computer Go Tournament.

To enter, ensure that your program has an account on KGS. Then email Nick Wedd, 'maproom' on KGS, at with subject 'kgs tournament registration', stating:

  1. the name of your program's KGS account
  2. the names of all authors of and other contributors to your program. I will expect you to have the consent of all these people for your program to be entered in this tournament.

There is some information about how to create a KGS bot at

This schedule should be convenient for Europeans and East Asians. I hope that Americans will also compete, leaving their bots connected and running overnight. Subsequent KGS Computer Go Tournaments will have a variety of schedules, to suit all timezones.

Your program must be connected to KGS, and present in the "Computer Go" room, at least two minutes before the scheduled start of the tournament.


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


There is no prize.