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KGS Meijin Qualifier May 2012 (Winner: Koffein)

Welcome to the KGS Meijin May Qualifier!

Single Elimination, Simultaneous schedule, Ranked players only : The time settings are 35 minutes Main time plus 5 Byo-yomi periods 30 seconds each. (35m + 30s x5), 1 round every 2 hours. Players must have a solid rank, and have to be 1d or stronger.

You can enter as many qualifiers as you like. Due to many players dropping out future qualifiers will be single elimination.

Important: Conditions for tournament entry:


Sponsored by KGS.


Single Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


In this Fifth qualifier, the winner will be eligible for the Finals which will start in November. The final KGS Meijin winner will receive a cash prize for a minimum of $500 and a special Meijin icon.

2012 KGS Meijin Contenders :