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28th KGS Iron Man Tournament (Winner: KhaoKhat)

Welcome to the 28th KGS Iron Man tournament!

Swiss style, AGA ruleset, each round starts every 6 hours, total 20 rounds over 5 days This tournament uses a Swiss pairing system. Endurance is the key to doing well in Iron Man tournaments! The time settings are 40 minutes Main time plus 5 Byo yomi periods of 30 seconds (40m + 5 x 30s), the rounds are spaced 6 hours apart. 4 rounds per day, over 5 days. You can skip up to 15 rounds, so even if you can only play one round per day you can still participate! You have to play a minimum of 5 rounds total to participate in this tournament.

Important:This Iron Man tournament is open for every registered player. No guests players.

Everyone is welcome to join!

To request a Bye: Please go to the tournament web page, click on the link "you can request a bye here" on the top right. If you are on the server when a round starts, and you haven't requested a bye, then you must play in the round or take a loss.


Sponsored by KGS


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


  1. The winner will get 6 months of free KGS Plus.
  2. The runner-up will get 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  3. The MVP(s) will get 1 month of KGS Plus.
  4. An Ironplayer who played all 20 games (system byes count) will get 3 months of KGS Plus.

If needed, the score, SOS and SODOS will be used as tiebreakers.