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March KGS Plus Tournament, Asian/European Daytime division (Winner: HondaCivic)

Welcome to the KGS Plus tournament!

Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule. This tournament uses a Swiss pairing system. The time settings are the NHK Tournament simulation Main Byoyomi time 30 seconds plus 10 extra 1 minute thinking time (30s + 30s x 20). 50 non-KGS Plus members will be allowed to join the Asian/European Daytime division, 30 non-KGS Plus members to the American Daytime division. KGS Plus members are always welcome!

The violators of Terms of Service are not allowed.

You have 2 BYEs


Sponsored by KGS


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


  1. The winners will get 2 months of free KGS Plus.
  2. The runner-ups will get 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  3. The MVP (Tournament Director Prize ) in each division will get 1 month of KGS Plus.
  4. 1 week of KGS Plus will be awarded at random.