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January KGS Plus Tournament, Asian daytime, Open division Players

1Adema [4d]51313Winner
2inin [3d]415.510.5
3tt [3d]
4nandaza [1k]
5Karnesun [2d]3.57.54
6daichan [1d]315.58
7Shu04 [1k]3158.5
8Unicum [2k]3157
9damedas [2k]3103
10Vortex [2k]395
11tooweak4u [2k]394
12laca [1k]384
13Jistars [1d]37.54.5
14cafego [3k]374
15nachodude [1d]212.51.5
16antry [8k]2111.5
17peter45 [2k]29.52
18tolol [4k]271
19mirmo [9k]261
20boingo [5k]252Quit before round 5
21ProfesorGo [1k]23.50Quit before round 5
22karasu [3d]22.52.5Quit before round 3
23Doko [1k]220Quit before round 5
24elbow [5k]1.5110.5
25veinarde [4k]1.592
26SigSig [-]172Quit before round 3
27baranbaran [10k]170
28barfly [2d]163Quit before round 3
29Torajiro [-]13.50Quit before round 4
30Mpak [17k]0.53.50Quit before round 4
31suteben [14k]05.50Quit before round 3
32jadelion [-]050Quit before round 3
33fab [4d]03.50Quit before round 2