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August Asian/European Daytime KGS Plus Tournament Players

19Armada [1d]16037Quit before round 5
11AYOCZI [2k]1759.596.5
4Calis [1d]1967.5104.5
1Cassis0 [5d]22115115Winner
12cherisse [2k]175993.5
16ChoU [1d]16.51685
9dikor [3d]1833113
38doublatari [13k]307Quit before round 4
22elurin [6k]13.54560
25Empereur [3k]13017Quit before round 4
35firfin [7k]9012Quit before round 4
32fuenf [9k]92154.5
37goo17 [15k]3725
36Gymnast [10k]736Quit before round 5
31hanniibal [6k]10023.5Quit before round 5
27JOSEPH159 [6k]122869.5
21Kalyptuss [4k]1438.588.5
33Kele [8k]920.568
34Khansensei [9k]91243
10kittie99 [3d]181858Quit before round 6
3Matsuyama [2d]2071112
20modyom [4k]1537.551.5
30nada93 [5k]11027Quit before round 5
15Oloril [1k]16.53588
24Play2Much [4k]131123.5Quit before round 5
6Pluies [5d]1954117
26Ragnarok [4k]12.51370.5
17Redkuro [1d]1616.552Quit before round 4
14SAI6 [3d]17038Quit before round 5
13Saira [1d]1732.553.5Quit before round 4
7Shu04 [1k]1868104.5
23SuRt [8k]136363
8Syptryn [3d]1837115
18Unicum [1k]161466
29Vad [6k]11.51954.5
5Vortex [3d]1956118
2wasd [5d]2191113
28Zeratul22 [4k]12015Quit before round 4