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January KGS Plus Tournament, American/European daytime, Open division Players

29adoreme [5d]27.52.5Quit before round 4
45Angelus [1d]130Quit before round 4
34barfly [2d]252Quit before round 5
38blade34 [8k]1.581
53boule [4k]020Quit before round 2
1Cassis0 [4d]512.512.5Winner
9chrono3450 [3d]3178
30CieloXXII [3k]27.51.5
23derPlumps [4d]2156
37dls [7k]1.59.51
35dude [1k]251Quit before round 5
40elurin [7k]1101
33emacs [3k]261
18emre35 [3d]394
20fantomas27 [1d]2.513.55
16fran6 [2d]3115
47fthvrl [5k]120Quit before round 4
51Gazpacho [1d]040Quit before round 2
21grgo [6k]2.592.5
45Groudon [17k]130Quit before round 4
10Hatesphere [3d]3167
22hikaru567 [1k]2.562Quit before round 5
42hugika [6k]160
6ins3i [-]4118
12jouwa [2k]3147
39JTennent [11k]110.50
28kaly [2k]291
17KojiAtsuma [10k]3114
31kookaburra [6k]271.5
27Lazyos [7k]2102
2Matrixofgo [4d]51212
24Mondlicht [-]2153
52morphy007 [19k]03.50Quit before round 2
13nare [2d]313.56.5
50Nick2008 [3k]04.50Quit before round 3
5Nickless [1d]41510
32Parabol [1k]270
8pawels [3k]3.585
13petraboot [4k]313.56.5
44redkit [15k]14.50Quit before round 5
25schrody [5k]213.54
3sempai [-]41712
26sheeryjay [4k]2112
48Silber [1d]11.50Quit before round 4
15SlowThinkr [1d]3137
7snowmen [3d]4107
4Thefool [2d]41511
49TheSensei [1d]070Quit before round 3
41tolga35 [3d]180Quit before round 5
43unperson [4d]150Quit before round 5
11Vistani [1k]314.57.5
36Zero9090 [4k]211Quit before round 4
19Zeta [3k]35.53