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October KGS+ Tournament, American/European Daytime Open division Round 2 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
Downloadaperezwi [-]gui54 [-]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMB+Res.
DownloadBonAppetit [3k]dogbert [3d]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMB+Res.
Downloadgreenrat [3k]Darknvo [1k]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMB+Res.
Downloadhatolami [-]NannyOgg [-]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMW+Res.
Downloadinin [4d]Dragoness [-]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMW+Res.
Downloadliquescens [1d]g057721 [3k]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMW+14.5
Downloadtf [2d]Zoro [1d]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMW+10.5
DownloadtTetsuya [5d]Suri [3d]19×19 10/20/12 8:35 PMW+Res.
 binhyen [2k]Bye
 edenchen [1k]Bye (Requested)
 gyurma [4k]Bye (No show)
 nigaiki [1k]Bye (No show)
 SadRun [2k]Bye (No show)
 YungJu [2k]Bye (No show)
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