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January KGS Plus Tournament, Asian/European daytime, Open division Players

1Vortex [5d]62020Winner
2Honoka [6d]525.519.5
3dogbert [3d]52015
4blue88 [1k]4.5108
5cherithtf [1d]422.511.5
6Agzam [-]42212
7Love [3d]419.59.5
8tacas2001 [2d]418.59.5
9Loons [2k]4168
10nem [3k]4158.5
11Syptryn [5d]3.519.510.5
12david98 [2k]3.514.57
13Strike [5k]3.510.55
14krogo [2d]3.5104
15woodyy [-]324.59.5
16LeSsRenCe [3k]321.59.5
17pupukani [5k]315.55.5
18makuro14 [7k]310.54
19Deceitful [3k]38.53
20klm [2d]37.54.5Quit before round 6
21kenshinlt [1k]36.54.5Quit before round 6
22Werfeus [4d]355Quit before round 5
23DangerBoy [1d]2.5175.5
24decHunger [7k]2.5132.5
25pandu [4k]2.5123
26rafif [6k]222.55
27Xinu [3k]217.54.5
28kide [1k]216.54Quit before round 6
29akeboshi [1d]213.52
30xShinji [3k]212.53.5
31vandrei [8k]210.51
32adinogo [2d]2104Quit before round 4
33radovan [1k]2101.5
34umone [2k]29.51.5
35hijau [11k]291
36hototo [7k]28.54.5Quit before round 5
37DeathWind [1d]283Quit before round 5
38Start [1k]263Quit before round 5
39Ohzora8 [10k]1.59.50
40Algiskas [9k]116.52
41Iciac [4k]180Quit before round 5
42okida1040 [8k]160Quit before round 5
kaliya [7k]13.50Quit before round 4
thuytien18 [7k]13.50Quit before round 4