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July KGS+ Crazy Boardsizes tournament : 21x21 Asian/European Division Round 2 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
Downloadbeifeng [1d]a2g [4k]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+96.5
Downloadblackmamba [3k]CABPACOB [3d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+Res.
Downloaddanc [3k]Karina [3k]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+45.5
DownloadJessica [-]dogbert [3d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+26.5
DownloadJoostvdPol [3d]Lisy [1d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+5.5
Downloadkcharris12 [1k]alex12 [2d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+Res.
Downloadlaughmaker [1k]Seimeitaek [6k]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+62.5
DownloadOin [10k]rafif [3k]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+53.5
Downloadpachi2 [3d]HandA [2d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+Res.
DownloadPrue [3k]ulqui0rra [4k]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+Res.
DownloadSyptryn [3d]sanamkuta [5d]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+Res.
Downloadwasd [-]DuguXin [-]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMW+Res.
DownloadZen19S [4d]bensenseii [-]21×21 7/18/11 8:05 AMB+Res.
 KGSPlayer [-]Bye
 laihim [1d]Bye (No show)
 ryoama [22k]Bye (No show)
 umar [7k]Bye (No show)
 ummjhall [13k]Bye (No show)
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