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September KGS Plus Tournament, American/European daytime, Open division Round 5 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
Downloadadoreme [4d]StephenSun [2d]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+Res.
Downloadapagis [3d]Universe [2d]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMW+Res.
DownloadCassis0 [4d]snowmen [3d]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMW+10.5
Downloadelurin [7k]Luksa [3k]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+Res.
DownloadGenisSage [-]oldbob [1k]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+Res.
Downloadjerno [3d]wanchan [1d]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+Res.
Downloadklm [2d]SaSuKe4EvR [-]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+Res.
Downloadkyokohage [1d]Durgrim [3k]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMW+Res.
Downloadskill1 [5k]Nickless [1d]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+24.5
Downloadunrest [3k]Smarre [2k]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+15.5
Downloadwhtknght [9k]Djaian [2k]19×19 9/21/08 9:05 PMB+27.5
 Chrille [4k]Bye
 Gazpacho [1k]Bye (No show)
 h4nul [2k]Bye (No show)
 Krad [-]Bye (Requested)
 Taeshinobu [15k]Bye (No show)
 Toya [3d]Bye (No show)
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