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August KGS Plus Tournament, Konrad division for Blitz Ironman Players

1Kaiji [-]21236.5236.5Winner
2Tetris [6d]19243201
3r0n1n [3d]17272146
4franck [1d]14.514396.5
5ghaele [2d]14.5122.584.5
6AveMaria [-]13115.558.5
7atltimtim [4d]138141
8Senffarbe [1k]12.5172.581.5
9spaghetti [3d]12.5137.557.5
10lili76610 [-]12.5107.549
11beifeng [2k]12222.570
12dansugo [3k]11.5117.542
13Noomkwah [1d]1114541.5
14phenix06 [3k]11103.529
15Geta [3k]119019
16delta [-]1181.518
17njs [2d]118019.5
18Laynha [-]117223
19baldor [-]1171.519
20elektron [4k]11719
21tusiab [1d]10.5177.545.5
22britboy [2k]1020662
23Dervish [6k]1053.50
24houjuu [2k]101111Quit before round 20
25LieKolchin [4k]9191.551.5
26saoku [4k]9120Quit before round 20
27konrad56 [6k]812810