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April KGS+ Tournament, Asian/European Daytime division Players

11a2g [5k]394
23Allorius [15k]1130.5
31BackOffice [1k]01.50Quit before round 2
6bapm [1k]3.5106
30Bogdan [2k]060Quit before round 3
27Dore [4k]0.53.50Quit before round 3
19ERonG3079 [5k] before round 5
8GameofWind [2d]3168
28goplayerHN [2k]0.52.50Quit before round 3
29IA [1d]0.51.50Quit before round 3
14Itsuki [5d]2.54.51Quit before round 5
26Jouzer [14k]0.560
17kaii [5k]210.51
20kitar [-] before round 5
12Kostik [4k]38.52.5
10Leonidas [2k]39.53.5
3Lim [2k]414.511
2litchee [1d]41612
25luuk [2k]14.51.5Quit before round 3
22Maestro10 [2k]1.53.50Quit before round 4
15milkshojun [1k]2155
7musmos [-]316.57.5
18pasfacile [7k]1.5111
20PlayingGo [3k] before round 4
1RoyalCrown [6d]51414Winner
4snowmen [3d]411.57.5
16SWKushiro [4k]2133
9TAZZ [3k]313.54.5
13tranvui1q2 [6k]2.572
5trollgame [-]3.5127
24vrnBugatti [5k]19.50.5