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February KGS+ Tournament, Daytime 2 Players

16a2g [4k]1140.552
31AlpnCactus [8k]511.526.5
24aperezwi [5k]81640
23ArtShZ [6k]82747
18BadPotato [1k]10867
28broli [7k]72034
22bufrisa [4k]8.51313Quit before round 4
32charleswfb [7k]51026Quit before round 5
14Chrille [2k]11.52953
21clanogrady [1k]9024Quit before round 3
37delta63 [12k]2.501.5Quit before round 5
11Eddy [3d]12.523.562
25Feelss [4k]81354
1fj [6d]1679.579.5Winner
5fran6 [2d]13.535.564
40gmzabos [18k]006.5Quit before round 3
33gonin [8k]5929
6hellsflame [2d]13.535.562
7kabradarf [2d]1339.584
34kalin1 [11k]4513.5
9leo2011liu [3d]133675.5
10liquescens [1d]12.523.565.5
13mw [1k]122764.5
26Natural [3k]8729.5Quit before round 4
20pceii [6k]93647
30rainerle [5k]6546.5
39Rellus [11k] before round 3
17RoundTuit [2k]1133.572
19Satorii [3d]10041Quit before round 4
35Seanachain [9k]3.5611Quit before round 5
36Shikaku [8k]3228
15Shimada [2d]11.512.528.5Quit before round 4
12shuhua [1k]123070
38Sitarane [10k]2520.5
4Slogger [1d]13.537.568.5
2snowmen [3d]156278
29tengen [4k]7848.5
27Thao [3k]7.5011Quit before round 3
8TomoyaKun [3d]133781
3Zoro [1d]13.53863.5