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September KGS Plus Tournament, American/European daytime, Open division Players

7adoreme [4d]315.57.5
6apagis [3d]3.510.55.5
28cafego [5k]220Quit before round 5
1Cassis0 [4d]512.512.5Winner
24Chrille [4k]281
21Djaian [2k]2113
19Durgrim [3k]2123
31elurin [7k]1.57.50
30Gazpacho [1k]1.5101
20GenisSage [-]211.51.5
27giygas [4k]222Quit before round 4
32godiablo [3k]1.541Quit before round 4
14h4nul [2k]36.53.5
41hikaru567 [-]030Quit before round 3
34JamesJoker [1d]18.51Quit before round 4
11jerno [3d]3106
39kensho [6k]05.50Quit before round 4
8klm [2d]3156
33Krad [-]190
13kyokohage [1d]374
16Luksa [3k]35.52.5
37moo2000 [21k]13.50Quit before round 5
15Nickless [1d]363
9oldbob [1k]3136
36Othy [9k]140Quit before round 5
26rouq [1k]241Quit before round 5
38royalty [3d]100Quit before round 2
3SaSuKe4EvR [-]415.511.5
40shuuin [-]040Quit before round 2
22skill1 [5k]29.52
10Smarre [2k]3125
2snowmen [3d]41712
4StephenSun [2d]41210
25Taeshinobu [15k]26.50
23TheLMB [2d]294Quit before round 4
12Toya [3d]395
17Universe [2d]2.5113.5
18unrest [3k]2144
5wanchan [1d]410.56.5
29waya2 [1k]21.51.5Quit before round 4
35whtknght [9k]17.50