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January Iron Man Tournament: Open Division Players

26Angelus [-]2.5100Quit before round 7
4b [3d]1214875.5
3beifeng [1k]12.513885.5
12Bluk [1k]109331.5
17chris27210 [6k]8.545.55
7Dead [1d]11.58244
15delta [-]9.54612.5
11Gabriel [1d]10.56427.5
20generalium [13k]847.52.5
23Grandz [11k]51078
21gri2086 [5k]7.5430Quit before round 20
28handi [2d]211.50Quit before round 6
24JacobZH [2k]419.50Quit before round 11
16Laon [4k]9.534.55
18mikksa [3k]8181.541
22nekomochi [1d]7.5120Quit before round 17
13nonosse [3k]106428
6Pingu007 [2d]129566
27polkadot [3k]230.55Quit before round 5
1profi [2d]14.5172.5122.5Winner
14RostovDon [3k]9.568.521
10SamSpade [2d]11102.549.5
25Song [4d]2.518.50Quit before round 8
19soutkin [3k]8137.534.5
5tmtyioh [2k]1213682.5
9Tom000828 [1k]11.553.541.5
8tt [1d]11.568.539.5
2YoungPro [-]14.599.599.5